Cin-D LOU house bot project update


Some new links and text edits are on the project page.

Craig has been making great progress with Cin-D LOU's newly donated
laptop and the Kinect, as demonstrated at the well attended open house
last Saturday. We need a good photo of that setup to post onto the
project page. He has the basic demos running and is researching the
Willow Garage ROS / Kinect setups.

The head team is deep into design of the R/C servo rigs to effect the
neck and eye motions. We've prototyped early 3D designs printed on
the MakerBOT with mixed results so far. We may switch to laser cut
acrylic parts in the next design iteration. Some Blender animation is

Bill (working on the hand and arm team) has MakerBOT printed a set of
Hairygael's "InMooV" hand parts posted on THINGIVERSE just for fun. We're waiting
for Bill to get back from flying planes at Oshkosh
so we can use his new super-duper MegaMakerBOT partSHIPPER (or
whatever family-friendly name he is using now).

The wheelchair drive team is figuratively spinning its wheels (no pun
intended) working to hack the OEM's proprietary control system. We
will ultimately overcome the current difficulties. The two 12 VDC lead-
acid batteries are not new, but have some useable residual life for
now. Some web surfing has turned up the following two links:

The Sabetooth2X25 above might be a sweet and
reasonable commercial alternative to the stalled hack job using the
proprietary OEM controls. Does any knowledgeable someone want to
render a technical opinion whether it is worth launching an pledgie to
raise the $124.99 price to go this route? Replies and tax-deductable
project funds are always welcome in this community learning