{CHS} Remembering to shut off the compressor

Please remember to check and shut off the compressor when you leave,
Even if you were not using it. There are small leaks in the system which means the compressor will turn on occasionally to restore the pressure.

Shortly after I got down here, I heard the compressor come on and run.
There was no one here and the lights were out.
I don’t know if someone was in here earlier today using it, or if it’s been on since last night.

If it has been on all night, that means we’ve been thoughtless and rude to our upstairs neighbor. And it is much nicer to be on good terms with other people in the building.


Apologies, I think this one is one me. Someone was welding (Or something with a welding mask on) when I initially went to shut the compressor off on Tuesday, and it completely slipped my mind when I left later on.

Won’t happen again!