[CHP] We Need A Tall Ladder


We are approaching that time of year when the hackerspace will be
getting unbearably warm. We have talked about some strategies for
dealing with this at our meetings, and the first thing we want to work
on is getting our big windows to open up. Right now, we don't have a
ladder in the building which is tall enough to get all the way up to
the tops of the windows so that we can properly work on them. We need
to get up there and chip paint off, etc.

I believe that we've had a few offers of taller ladders, so I think
the main thing is just finding a method and a time to get them down to
the hackerspace. If someone would be kind enough to lend us their
ladder for a week or two, we could bring it down at a convenient time
for the person that's lending it, and then work on the window
situation over the course of a week or two. So I'm thinking we just
need to get one down there asap.

Could the folks who have a ladder raise their hand, and could the
folks that might be able to move it raise their hand? Maybe we could
pull this off this weekend if that works for everyone? I know the new
guy Tony offered his ladders last night, and he may not be on the
mailing list, so if none of us has one, I'll email him next.



I have a 25’ or 30’ ladder and a truck. I should be able to move it down to the space sometime this week.

Depending upon when and where, I can assist moving other ladders to the space as well.