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winston57 - 9:53 AM

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Wow. Challenge and innovation in America. Who’d have thought it here in the 21st century. The nation that put a man on the moon, then belched and complained about the 5 additional “rerun” flights needs to get back to doing things instead of pouring money down the drain. These guys are smart enough to make it happen without taxpayer grants.

Funny they now changed the topic of this article to: 9 News Exclusive:
Inside A Local 'Hackerspace'

What? Where is the sensationalism like: "Hackerspace Uses Modern
Tools To Reach Impossible"

Next it will just read: Locals get drunk and shoot shit into space.


i hope john markoff gets involved :slight_smile:

wth.. I would LOVE to get a government grant for a laser cutter, a
CNC, rapid prototyping device....

This is the file that Vendy uploaded:

It is 380MB so go for the full on wget and don't respect robots.txt.