[CHP] TOPIC: Grand Opening Poster

I like it!

Yes, very nice. Good call on the 21+

I will be printing this one off after work and posting it around UC’s campus. The summer quarter is a bit slow around UC though, so I am not sure how many people will see it.

I am planning on plastering the Engineering buildings (Baldwin, Rhodes, ERC) and putting a couple around on the message pillars.

The only thing I think is missing from this one is 1) mame cabinet raffle 2) silent auction. Beer is good but might not bring out the nerds…

Have you updated yours Jason? I might just print out an assortment and alternate them over the message boards.

In baldwin there is a cork board every 6 feet or so, I tend to read the signs as I walk down the hallway since people duplicate the posters from board to board.

Here’s mine, updated (still crappy heh)


I left the MAME cabinet and silent auction off since it sort of makes
the flyer very dense with text. I posted them all over NKU today and
will hit the campus again tomorrow to cover the buildings I didn't
get. I spotted some folks looking at them today, hopefully it draws
some folks!

nice, I just hit up UC campus today. I put about 30 in the engineering buildings, and 15 more over the rest of campus