[CHP] Soldering Class Update

I won't be there tonight due to a family emergency. I will be there
next week to accept payments for the MintyBoosts for the soldering
class that will be (hopefully) three weeks from tonight. Next week is
also the deadline to get payment in. Anyone can come, as long as they
have money!


We should get this on the blog. Do you have a login for hive13.org's
WP? Do you want me to set you one up, or do you want me to write it
up for you?



Sorry, I've been busy and didn't see this. I don't have any access to
the WP at all.

That said, I'm sending this as a reminder that I am taking people's
money tonight. My credit card machine is still offline, so cash only.

20.00, due tonight.

I currently have a total of four people who are going to be in the
class - anyone is welcome to come, I just need their stuff ASAP, as I
will be placing the order this week for the minty boosts.


I went ahead and wrote it up on the blog and tweeted about the class: