[CHP] Reminder: Hive13 Movie Night this Saturday!!

The theme for this month is Robots! We will be showing The Iron Giant, Pacific Rim and WALL-E.,

Try to show up about 5-ish, Movies will start around 6pm,

We will have some snacks, frozen pizza, popcorn, etc.
But feel free to bring something to share!!

last time I think we had as much fun MAKing fun of the movies as watching them!!

I will try to be down at the hive a bit earlier getting ready for the evening.

See you all there!!


Is today still international game day? Will there be anyone at the hive gaming today?

I think it is! but I don’t know if anyone remembered to plan for it, there’s been no messages about it.

Thanks to everybody who came out and watched movies with us. Extra thanks to everyone who brought food to share! Due to technical difficulties we didn't get to watch Pacific Rim but we rallied with Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla. We had a great time trying to rationalize the behaviour of the Iron Giant and WALL-E (Why do all these robots sleep? It doesn't make sense!).

Details on the next movie night will be forthcoming as soon as possible.

  - Dark Ian

Hey All,
Sorry Mike and I were not able to make it! We really wanted to but were down sick with an upper respiratory virus that our little disease vector, aka Oliver, passed onto us. Be grateful we didn’t come. really.
Hope we can make it to the next one!