[CHP] Re: If you feel the need...

The officers and board members are handling this situation as I post this. Until it is fully resolve I ask we avoid comments like this as there is the potential that it can escalate issues.


As my wife tells me (almost daily) in the context of dealing with our children: “If you can’t make it better, don’t say anything at all.” While it may be tempting to vent to the mailing list, please ask yourself before you click “send” whether what you’re about to say is appropriate for the world(as that is basically what this list is). I think it’s critical for our community do discuss and process things, but please try be mindful about how you do so.

I can echo - this is being dealt with per our bylaws by the board.

ANYONE WHO HAS ANY CONCERNS ABOUT THIS INCIDENT can feel free to email myself (blundar at gmail dot com) or any other board member to express themselves privately. The board exists to serve the membership and organization and I will be doing my best to respect the views of the membership in any decision making process.

-Dave B.