[CHP] Re: Hey Hive-mind!

Yes censorship blows, and honestly, I appreciate the services of palmela and her five sisters as well as any other male out there, but it’s just not a huge deal to be a little more discrete around new/offendable members. I’m sure there’s going to be all sorts of crazy links flying between friends and eventual friends, but at least on the face of things we’ll be politically correct. It’s never been an issue in Cinci2600 in the 3-4 years I’ve been around (wow has it been that long?).

On another note, I think that we’re going to have some traffic monitoring to prevent anyone from using the space as a bandwidth free-for-all. Not for tracking web browsing, but a strictly MB/hour deal. Which brings me to another question, what kind of data plan should we procure? I’d love to have a fast upload speed rather than being all about download speeds. I am getting 24Mbps dl at home but only 764kbps upload, which sucks hard.


I’m all for considering this issue dead until we have a space and money to pay for it. I would think only base internet, electricity water and maybe some normal supplies (like paper towels, toilet paper) should be considered into the initial financing. We need to decide our minimum we need to make in membership and then with the extra money we can vote on how we spend it.