[CHP] Re: GigaBot Upgrades?

I think Dave B took a look on the old one. I don’t remember if he brought it back to the space.

So I fiddled a bit more, the extruder will lock up (ie power the stepper) if you try to print, but it’s extremely inconsistent about actually spinning. Some power cycles it will, others it won’t. Most however the stepper does get power.


I still have the old board. I haven’t done much with it other than trace a few pieces of the PCB and look very carefully at the fake ftdi chip. If you need it urgently someone can come get it whenever. Otherwise I’ll bring to board meeting Monday.

So, just in case, I attached the firmware with heated bed support. I think we’ll have to try and re-update the firmware just to make sure everything got on the machine correctly the first time. I also guess there’s no reason not to install the heated bed (albeit leave it un-powered)


Marlin_GB2.0_3.52 (1).zip (1.67 MB)

Mmm... No dice. While the old board doesn't freak out, the extruder stepper still doesn't spin. If you try to command it, it will lock up and whine, but it doesn't move. I am thinking the wires may be bad somewhere.

No brown out issue though?

Nope, and the lcd isn't screwing up. We should try hooking the oscilloscope to the stepper and see if and what signal is making it. I hope it's just a stepper driver and not rewiring... That's a lot of cable chain to undo.