[CHP] Re: Dinner Tuesday night!

This is awesome. It’s unfortunate that I have class on tuesdays.

Okay. Stir Fry it is! I will need 4+ bags of frozen asian style
veggies (mushroom, broccoli and other stuff mix), 1 big bag of chicken
tenders, skinless and soy sauce and mae ploi? sauce. I already have
enough olive oil to drown a chicken. and Nishiki white rice is my
fave. I'll bring my rice cooker, but I do need loads of rice. Am I
missing anything? I've got some frozen salmon I'll bring as an
alternative and I'll investigate the kitchen for supplies I'll need
later this week. The Wok would be great! Thank you so much for the

If you're able to bring something, please post here what you're
bringing and what quantities. Keep in mind most of this stuff is
frozen so it can keep in the freezer if there's room.

Yay project NOM!


I can grab a bag of chicken tenders.