[CHP] Practical Electronics 101

Because of me cancelling what I normally do on Mon/Wed for the rest of
the month, I am now available to teach this class on Mon/Wed as well
as the rest of the days. If there is enough interest, I'd be willing
to teach it two days a week, or whatever. I'd like to get a feel for
the people who want to sit in on the class and what days they'd like
to take it.

I would be interested in this class but unfortunately with the
holidays, I will be out of town for the last two weeks. :frowning:


i am free most evenings (barring holiday stuff) for a class til the end of the month

I am absolutely free until Jan 4th, then I am currently scheduled for classes from about 1 to 6 pm every day of the week

This is a great class idea. This Tuesday Dec.15 is good for me,
before the HIVE meeting, or maybe Wednesday or Thursday and again next
week too. I've got a side soldering project to do in the same time


Because no one seemed to have a problem with it, I'll be doing the
class this Tuesday starting at 6:30 before the meeting, going till
people are bored. I'll be starting fairly basic, and moving along as
fast as people are comfortable with. This week will be basic
electronic concepts, with a practical focus. Next week, if there is
interest, I will move on to a little more advanced topics, still
keeping that focus on practical applications.

Also, as a subnote - I can run these classes again if there is
additional interest from people who didn't take it.

Do we want to record these too? What will we need? A webcam, screen recording software…


Thanks for a great intro class - my only regret is that I will be on
vacation the next two weeks and will likely miss the next session.
Those of you that missed it will not know what "Bad Boys" do to
remember resistor colors! :slight_smile:

I know you'll try to use the griddle you brought in for surface
soldering but I wanted to keep a lookout for a plate of aluminum, just
in case. You said you wanted it thick but what would the ideal length
and width be? Would 11” x 11” be enough or is that an overkill? The
current design of boards are small but I figured we should keep an eye
out for something that will serve most of our future needs as well.

Do you have a good reference article on how one would build one, just
for those of us that are curious?




That is the design that I would use, if I built one from scratch.