[CHP] Nice blub in Cincinnati.com about Hive13

Nice work at the Bold Fusion event!


We represented well at IT Martini, also. Chris Davis won a Flip Video
which Jason Bailey automatically requisitioned for a "Balloon Boy
minus the Boy" project. Footage from 100,000 feet above sea level
coming to you by June 30th thanks to Bootsy Collins, IT Martini, and
Hive13 :smiley:

Yeah Chris - what model of camera is that?

Re-reading other space's activity notes now...



That was a good day. We should have a few more new people at the next meeting or two. I pimped the soldering class all I could, I’m mildly bummed Baverman didn’t put it in the article. I’m sending her details about it though, she’ll put it in the calendar etc.

The camera is a Flip Video Ultra HD. The image is a little fuzzy and could use some stabilization, but I can’t complain for the price - it appears to retail for $150 or so.

The first video: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cjd/4565404761/

So, time to get moving on this balloon thing!

Echoing what others have said, congrats on everything yesterday!!

From an exposure POV, The Bold Fusion event came at a perfect time, IMO, with respect to how long Hive13 has been around and the body of projects you guys are doing/have done. I'm betting a few ppl went: "What's this hackerspace concept the keynote is talking about? What? There's already a hackerspace in Cincinnati?!"

I really with I could have made this year's Bold Fusion my first time attending. Past year's topics included social media, and traditional branding/marketing - I was excited to see this year's focus more on the technical, and on maker culture in particular.

Nice work.

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