[CHP] New Hive13 Features

Ok, from Tues. Meeting here are the parts that I was to take care of:

Group/Mailing lists - Team means internal members can send to this group only. These are all emails ending in hive13.org
all (Team) - All Hive13 Members
comm (Anybody) - Communications Team
membership (Anybody) - Membership questions/submissions
meatspacers (Team) - Building hunting/organization

Except for “all” I do not have the members of the group filled in yet. If you care to be a member of any groups let me know and I’ll be sure to add you.

Voting for board members has begun. Nominate yourself if interested. We will take the top 4 people voted on by Friday


Also wiki.hive13.org DNS has been setup but I have not setup access/whatnot. I will put Dave as a sysop of mediawiki and let him run with it :wink:

I will also be creating a picasaweb album for logo and hive13 artwork submissions. I’ll post a link for that shortly.

If you still do not have a hive13 account you can email membership@hive13.org with your full name and the desired username.


The meatspacers from the first meeting were:

  • JasonB
  • JohnM
  • RyanW
  • NathanC
  • ErikC
  • DaveM
    Email addresses should be able to be found in the profiles on the Google group. If anybody doesn’t want to be in the group, just speak up (it’s OK if you don’t). If anyone wants to be added, also speak up. We’re going to be spamming the hell out of this list with craigslist postings, mls listings, whatever for finding the space. We’ll also be coordinating tours of buildings and whatnot (which will be published on the calendar.)

Also if anyone has not yet emailed craig@hive13 to get an account set up, please do so. That’ll give you access to everything else…


I’ve added everybody but NathanC and ErikC (I do not think they have accounts on hive13 yet)