[CHP] New Hive13 Features

Hello all,

We have some people that have already signed up for a Hive13 account, which is great! We will need anybody who wants to participate as a member to also sign up. We will be using the account system as a way of keeping track of members. Eventually I hope to come up with a standard widget set that we can add to web apps (like the twitter proxy) so you will be able to use your Hive13 account to login w/o requesting special access to each app.

Originally we were using a postfix email server and setting up mail relays. But this was too hard to easily administration of these tasks delegate to other members so I enabled the gmail interface. This will allow a whole gmail view into your hive13 account and chat settings. So you will probably want to login and setup mail forwarding, etc. I also added a few new services:

http://mail.hive13.org <= gmail interface to your mailbox
http://vote.hive13.org <= Google Moderator but requires Hive13 Auth so member only voting will happen
http://codereview.hive13.org <= A place to upload and group review our coding projects
http://shortlinks.hive13.org & s.hive13.org <= A place to make shorter links to cool sites we find and post them

There isn’t an official form yet for account submissions so for now you can mail either myself or Chris Anderson (Dethlab@gmail.com) with:

Desired Username:

That’s it! A temporary password will be assigned to you and you will receive an email with your account information. DISCLAIMER: Once we have membership stuff worked out access to different things may change but for now it’s a free for all :slight_smile:


with this set up now, do we want to use google talk to run the chatroom since not everyone is able to use silc?

Can GAFYD’s gTalk even do multi-user chat? Is anyone using efnet.org? I think a public IRC channel that anyone can join would be preferable to a members-only gTalk. But I will admit to not being a big IRC user myself.


I believe it can but I prefer it for 1on1 or small group chats. Do we need a public chat room if we have a public mailing list? We should discuss what we want public and what can be private at the next meeting.