[CHP] New domains

Ok, we now have reserved:


As well as a twitter account http://twitter.com/Hive13

I own the nameservers that control this domain and can swing the site wherever or use some/all of it for google’s services for non-profits or whatever we like.


w00t. now the propaganda can begin :slight_smile:

would it be difficult to set up mail aliases? once we get web space and whatnot, our hive13 email addresses could be used and published so we are easy to reach and our “private” addresses can remain private.

I could setup mail aliases for this domain now if we want. We could port this domain to use googles webmail thing but I think we should reserve actual mail hosting to paying members.

But I’m fine with adding aliases for mail submissions and what not.

We need the non-profit paperwork submitted and approved before we can actually take membership fees tho. Also we will need to decide on who manages the money. A view into the profile needs to be public but somebody will probably have to manage the actual bank account and bill paying process.

In the meantime, if anybody owns a server that can support virtual machines, we could really use a 8+ Gig debian image for the group. If you can provide this plz email me.


I may have physical hardware that would work.

Is this a server that is currently accessible via the internet that you would be willing to donate? It will need a static IP as well.

I have a server up now but it is too small to spawn off a VM to allow the group to SSH into. But it can provide dns, mail rerouting, etc just fine.

What we will need is a server that is online (preferable in some type of data center).
Static IP (although it can be shared with others on that machine)

It would be good to have a debian based OS (ubuntu would work). We will need SSH, Apache, MySQL and probably PHP.

We can install other services as needed.

There is always Linode.

Base server "Linode 360":
- 360MB RAM
- 16GB persistent storage
- 200GB monthly transfer

FYI: I have never had memory issues or exceeded my monthly transfer on any of my Linode servers.

If you decide to use Linode please use my referral link. `[http://www.linode.com/?r=80ba1ceb4e7d29096cd0024670d32b59c242ab26](http://www.linode.com/?r=80ba1ceb4e7d29096cd0024670d32b59c242ab26)`

Why settle for limits?


Same price ($20/mo), choose from Ubuntu 8.04, Ubuntu 8.10, Debian 4, Debian 5, Fedora 9, or Centos 5, no limits on transfer, storage, and RAM is burstable up to 4GB.

I’ve been hosting domains with these guys (on a regular account, not VPS) for the past 6 years.