[CHP] Move-in Date is July 1st

Hello all,

Great news! The lease has been signed and we have a move in date of July 1st. There is a Tues meeting on the 30th and we worked out a deal so that we can get the keys early and have our meeting at the new space! We may not have enough chairs yet so if you have any folding chairs or camping chairs you may want to bring em :slight_smile:

The address info:

Hive13 (Anchor Building)
2929 Spring Grove Ave
Cincinnati OH, 45225

There should be plenty of street parking out front. Once you have parked walk around to the back of the building. A door should be open on the Doc. Go in, then take a right. That is our new space. Direction and more info will be posted on the wiki (we are in the process of moving wikis so please excuse our digital dust)

Now that we have a lease has been signed we have rent to pay. So we would really like everybody who pledged or wants to join in on this space to pay this week. We prefer the paypal subscriptions http://pay.hive13.org/join/ but if you need to pay with a cash or a check please bring them this Tuesday to Taza for the last Hive meeting at that coffee shop :smiley:


Hot Damn! I’ll be there with bells on. Full membership paid.

In like flynn. I’ll pay tonight at Taza, mostly because I hate paypal.

More good news is that this lease signing lines up nicely for when my mother is bringing the rest of my tools down… assuming that and the furniture she’s bringing me all fit in the horse trailer.

I know we’re not much of a car club, but having “proper” garage tools is handy for working on anything. I don’t think anyone will say no to the tools, and I’d certainly appreciate a hand in cleaning them up/organizing them. They were my father’s tools (he passed last year) and he was never a big fan of cleaning them up after using them. Degreaser and some beers man, here we come.

Great news!

I will happily assist in cleaning and organizing tools.

Also, I’m very excited about moving in. It’s awesome that our 6/30 meeting will be in the space!

See you all Tues.


Depending on how dirty they are I could probably bring down a wire wheel to remove rust / tough grime, it is mounted on a block of wood with an on / off switch so it just needs to get clamped to a horizontal surface and plugged in.

  • Paul

The office space that I spoke of in Franklin, Ohio has their lease expiring at the end of this month. (Tuesday the 30th). Were we to arrive after that to pick up the free furniture, it may not be there. I propose that I, as well as a few others, get a moving truck ( or a couple pickup trucks ) and drive up to Franklin on the afternoon of Tuesday, June 30th, to pick up the furniture. We should arrive back at The Hive by meeting time where scores Hive13 members will make light work of unloading and setting up our new stuff.

I will try to make the meeting tomorrow to discuss further.

I own a pickup and would be willing to help depending on what time.
My work day runs until 5PM and I am down in Hebron, KY.


i would gladly take a half day off work to assist in the moving. i can also kick in for the truck rental or gas if we go that route since i have some gear to remove from my house that i can’t transport in a car (some folding tables and a bunch of old computers).

I have July 1st, 2nd and 3rd off to assist is moving/setup.

I’m off work Wednesday at 6:00pm. I have something going on Thursday. But this weekend I’ll be able to help out more.

I can assist those days after 6:30.