[CHP] Membership Fees

The Membership fees and details on how we came to this amount are posted up on the wiki:


Could you please respond to let us know if you will be able to become a Member ($100/mo) or if you are a Student Member ($35/mo). We will later post information on methods of payment. We will be collecting fees by the End of the Month. We plan on making an offer for the building shortly and will need to start paying rent :wink:

You can send an email to myself, membership@hive13.org or to the mailing list.

Thanks again everybody. We are almost there!


I would like to be a Student Member, I can show my UC ID at the next meeting.

  • Paul

Full Member.

Full monty?

full member.

full frontal.

I'll be joining as a full member.

By my count, that's 5 Full + 1 Student so far. Just 7 more Full
Members and we'll be in really good shape.

What do people think of calling the second tier "Contributing" Member
instead of "Student"? That way there would be room in the name for
people who want to join at the lower price by contributing something
special to the group but who are not necessarily students. Another
way to go would be to have a different term for those special cases,
like "Exceptional" Membership, but I don't think we want to get
carried away with so many different membership types/names.


Contributing works for me.


Full member here, minus the pants.

Full member unless I have trouble with finances at the time, in which
case I think I'll go with the contributing member fees, donate my mini
fridge, and plenty of manual labor. I'll start with full membership
fees as soon as my fiscally irresponsible self is back on track.

I sent my original reply to the membership account, but for those that are keeping track from these posts:

full member

Student Member for now.

After hearing Jason talk up this at work I am interested. But to get
it by my wife I'll only be able to enter as a contributing member.
Given that I have a pickup and can offer hauling services. Plus I
don't mind grunt work.

Welcome Nate!