[CHP] Membership and Space Updates

Hello everybody!

We are almost in our new space! Just need to write up the final stuff and sign. Assuming everything continues to go as planned we will be able to move in July 1st. We have an EIN number and most of our paperwork filed or underway. We also have a bank account and a paypal service that you can use to subscribe as a member.

We need everybody to read over the membership information at http://wiki.hive13.org/wiki/Membership_Fees

If you know you will be subscribing via CC you can go directly to http://pay.hive13.org/join/

Based on our earlier pledge numbers we have enough money to pay for rent and utilities but that’s about it. We still need more members/donations because we have to pay back our loan for the security deposit and 1st months rent. We also have to install insulation for noise reduction (Guessing ~$2500) as well as install keyless locks (~$500). These need to be done as soon as we can so it is important to sign up and if you know of anybody else who is considering joining to poke them (hard). This space is very cool and we are really looking forward to getting everyting moving.

Initial donation info can be found here: http://wiki.hive13.org/wiki/Donations



My pants are in the ring.

Subscribed @ $100/mo

My pants are student pants.