CHP meeting tonight,

good news everyone!

today is in fact tuesday, not monday, so we will meeting tonight at
the usual place and time.

the only old business that i am aware of is the ongoing struggle with
time warner and the only new business that i am aware of is the second
jedi council meetinng.

if there are any new things, or old things that i have missed, please
let me know and/or update the meeting page on the wiki:,_2010

see you there!

There is a class this coming Wednesday, Dave Menninger is our point of contact and has more information.

I am going to be picking up a new car (hopefully) will someone else be able to pick up // purchase pizza? We typically order it from Adriatico’s, Bearcat size pizza, half pepperoni, half cheese, total cost will be $25.99. You will be reimbursed from the “Feed the hive” donation jar.

I’ll go get it.