[CHP] Meeting May 9th 1:00pm at Taza


I've reserved the loft at Taza for the meeting this coming Saturday,
May 9th, from 1:00-3:00pm.


I've also started a rough draft of an agenda over on the wiki:


Please feel free to go add more stuff to the agenda that we should
talk about.

BTW, in case you haven't seen it, a recap of our last meeting can be
found at:


See you Saturday!



Can we add Membership fees to the agenda?

Link different tiers. Like perhaps:

  • upper tier membership - have full access to the facilities 24-7 (keys, keycard, etc) They get first dibs on on futons, etc :wink:
  • standard tier membership - much lower cost but provides access to the facilities and whatever is being worked on. Can only attend when the space is open or what not.

A multi-tier approach could be good for people that can not or do not want to give a large investment. The brunt of the rental would have to be carried by the upper tier but standard membership could help pay for things like inet, food, tools, supplies, etc. It also might be easier to get people to buy a standard membership just for support.

If we could have a discussion on that, I think it would be easier to get a good pricing scheme down for what we can afford to buy and maintain on a regular basis.


It's a wiki - put whatever you want on the agenda, and I'm sure we'll
argue about it =P