[CHP] Makerfair signup

ok I’m signing up for the Makerfair,

Who else needs the reminder to go here to get signed up?


Come on, it’s fun! and there will be the rest of the fair to see, too!!

My appologies for not getting to this sooner,
I don’t trust myself to be there by 9am, So I set myself for starting at 11 am.
I’m planning to be there all day on saturday…
I’m not sure I’ll be available during the day on sunday, but I may be able to show up for pack and loadout at the end.

Looks like there is no set up tonight. So we are going to just bring the trebuchet and learn to solder stuff in the morning.
I will head to the hive with our minivan early to pick up what I can, and drag it down to the Hamilton County Fairgrounds. If someone could meet me around 8:30 at the hive to help load the Trebuchet, that will be helpful.
We are supposed to be setup by 10:15 am so we have some time.
If someone has a pickup truck, that could help with the two Trebuchets as I am not sure Mike’s will fit in our van.

Feel free to call me if you have any questions.



Brad: I can meet you at theHive tomorrow at 8:30. I’ll call you. JimD


I’ve finally signed up to volunteer at MakerFaire. I’ll show up just before 1pm, and can stay as long as I’m needed.

We finished up the Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire today. Thanks to all that helped.
The Trebuchets were a big hit.
We did not even set them up today as the rain started pretty early.
The learn to solder booth got great comments and I think we made some good connections.
We only made one child cry and I only burned my forearm once. :flushed:

We were able to disassemble the two trebuchets and get everything in my minivan. Due to the crappy weather we are going to wait and do an unload at the Hive maybe Tuesday. There is no rush.

I will do an inventory of the supplies and order anything we need to for the Books at the Banks event in three weeks. Maybe our 500 battery holders will be in from China. We did take in some money from the donations. I think we were around $92 on Saturday and ~$75 today.
I’m thinking of getting some Weller pencil irons so we can replace the tips, as the $7 irons last about two days.

Thanks to everyone again for all the help!