[CHP] Losantiville KunstWerkHaus

Does anyone know about this group and/or have a contact?


Ha actually yes. I know one of the guys, Matt, he was coming to the Cincy CoWorks sessions around the corner at Venue 222. He’s got a pretty badass trike he’s building: http://www.flickr.com/photos/40188632@N05/sets/72157623907897601/

I find myself wondering, should we have meta-socials on occasion?
Convene meta-leadership on meta-projects?
Brainstorm, and have a few cross group project teams that share
results with the varied communities?
(we wanna make some low speed wind turbines soon. what if we gather a
crew, and make 2..one for each site?)

There is now Losantiville, Hive13, Koi-pound, and Mobo. I suspect
there are others as well.
I wonder how much we collectively pay in rent if one adds up all the
sites, and the total membership.
I'm curious at what point maker-critical-mass is found, and i think
many of us like pizza.

Methinks we can all help and learn from each other. Share skills and
tools and clean/ dirty space.

something to ponder.


I think that's a good idea. A cross-group maker social. We could
probably host it at Hive13...

if we act quickly it could coincide with hive13's 1 year anniversary
in the anchor building.