[CHP] Ithacka BOJ Challenge

I know none of us needs more junk in our lives, but this sounds like a
fun way to participate in the wider hackerspace community and get your
creative juices flowing:


Ithacka, a hackerspace in Ithaca, NY, is holding an inter-hackerspace
competition based on this item you can purchase from American Science
& Surplus:


It's a box filled with mystery items. And it costs $10.

So the challenge is to purchase one of these boxes and create
something awesome using the contents, then submit the creation to
Ithacka who is going to put up an online voting site. After the first
week of August, they will declare a winner and send them a reward.
Check out the blog post for all the official rules:

I think I'll probably be ordering one of these mystery boxes and so if
anyone else wants to get one too, we could order them at the same time
to potentially save on shipping. I set up a wiki page for the project
too: http://wiki.hive13.org/Ithacka_BOJ_Challenge

I guess let me know if you want me to order you a box, and I'll place
the order next Tuesday after the business meeting. Also, let me know
if you want to be involved with the creation side of it once the box
arrives and we can either work on it on meeting nights, or set up a
different night to work on it.



I ordered the boxes Tuesday night and they arrived today already! If
you requested one, I can give you your box once you pay me back. I've
already got money from some. If you want to meet up and get your box,
I'll be at the hackerspace tomorrow (Friday) night. I can probably
also arrange to swing by there on Saturday. I won't be able to be
there this Sunday and then I'm going out of town for a week, so the
next chance you'd get to meet up with me would be the following Monday
or Tuesday (the 24th or 25th). You can send me the money through
paypal via this gmail address. It was $10 per box and it was $13
total for shipping, so that's like $11.75 per person.

If anyone out there wants to work as a group on a submission for the
contest, let me know.




I suppose it’s way too late to ask, but these were the electro-mech surprise boxes, right? If you’ll be around the Hive 7-ish, I’ll have my twelve bones for ya tomorrow.

(this really sounds like it’s gonna be fun)


Yep, we got the electro-mech boxes. I'll be there tonight (Friday)
from about 6:30 on.