[CHP] IRS 501(c)(3) final review and mailing tonight


Tonight the core group will compile all documents for submission of
our "Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(c)(3)
of the Internal Revenue Code" as a Public Charity.

The two primary documents have been reviewed by the officers this past
- Form 1023 (multi-page PDF form)
- Attachment A (multi-page companion MSWord doc file)
Paper copies are ready for inclusion in the postal mailing.

We also have a copy of the IRS form SS-4 letter that assigned our EIN
number 27-0353686 from Jason to include in the postal mailing.

Dave: Please review the checklist page at the end of the form 1023
PDF and bring paper copies of the following required companion
documents for inclusion in the postal mailing:
- Sad Bee, Inc. (HIVE13) Articles of Organization (and any
- Sad Bee, Inc. (HIVE13) Bylaws
There is a note that all pages should have our legal name and EIN
number in the header or footer. Did/do the officers sign either/both
documents to make them official?

We will have Jason sign the form and include the application fee check
from Craig and then should be good to go...