[CHP] Insurance


I’m meeting with my State Farm rep today around Noon. I told her about the group and she is going to write us up a quote. I’ll let you know the results later when I get back.


Awesome, thanks Craig!

Now, let’s hope it’s not extremely expensive…

Maybe it would be a good idea to reach out to the global hackerspace discuss list to find out the details on what kind of insurance coverage they carry?


Thanks Craig! I’m going to shake the trees and see if a nonprofit lawyer falls out.


I think it would also be wise to talk to multiple insurance companies / agents. I am not sure how relevant it is but I know my dad just purchased some motorcycle insurance and got 3-4 quotes ranging from $150 to $280 for the same coverage. I am not presenting this as an example of what our insurance might cost, but just that different agencies / agents offer widely varying prices for the same insurance.

  • Paul

Ok so state farm will not cover us. This is because the don’t know what we’ll be working on or whith what chemicals, etc. They said we will need specialty insurance. My rep said I could find a company to insure us @ insurancemarketplace.com

I’m still out running around but feel free to check out the site and let the list know what you find.


Anyone thought of contacting other spaces and see what they do for insurance? (HacDC, NYCResistor, Hive76, etc.)

Also, we need to make sure they cover thermite. Just sayin. :slight_smile:

SHHHHHHHHHHH the czar is listening!!