[CHP] Hummus...

Some people asked, so…

The hummus I brought tonight was from Sultan’s Restaurant in West Chester: https://www.google.com/search?q=sultan’s+mediterranean+cuisine+cincinnati (I’ve actually never eaten one of their entrees. I just go and order appetizers.)

I’ve been meaning to make some myself from this recipe: http://www.slate.com/blogs/browbeat/2011/12/28/a_hummus_recipe_that_s_way_better_than_store_bought_.html

Although—I was planning to mix it out-of-order to play with the proportions of chickpeas to the nut butter and to see how important the paprika is to the recipe. The recipe allows peanut butter in place of tahini, which can be hard to source. Tahini is ground up sesame seeds. I’ll add that tahini sauce is not the same as tahini. I got a jar of real tahini at the Halal market sort of behind Sultan’s.

If I get hummus that is anywhere close to as good as Sultan’s, I’ll be happy.

I get wheat bread pitas from Trader Joe’s. It’s like an 8 pack for $1.89. (The pitas tonight were from Sultan’s.)

The Raspberry Pi presentation tonight was really interesting. Thanks!


Dean’s mediterranean down at Findlay has tahini and is very reasonable FYI.

Also the spice place at the west end of the market has SMOKED paprika as well as HOT paprika, both of which are far superio to the regular variety IMHO.

Have fun cooking!


I buy Hummus from Costco and my favorite brand is Sabra. They also have the best price on it… the 2lb pack is like $5.99


As far as pita bread is concerned, Halal Market sells the pack for a dollar and it has 5 pieces in it. They are right behind Sultan in West Chester.

As far as Paprika is concerned, traditional hummus does not contain any paprika. It’s more for the looks.