[CHP] Hive13 Wave Service

Excellent! I look forward to seeing what you’ve done.

Google wave is still in its infancy and I think there is enormous potential.


Hmm… I just went there and I only have you (craig) in my paul@hive13.org contacts… hmmmm

Hmmm, I had everybody including the groups like marketing and membership. I’ll have to look into why you only see some contacts. :confused:

I checked briefly again last night and it appears that the ppl in your
contacts are people that you have sent emails to in the hive network
(I think) Being admin I've sent to just about everybody so that's why
my contact list is full. I will try to find a way to auto-populate
that contact list. Having domain specific wave instances are a new
release feature so some things maybe a bit buggy. I'm thinking it
will be good to keep internal project based notes and plans on Wave
and once things are worked out export the wave to the wiki for general
consumption. Although I'm sure you can come up with more uses for it.

I also ready you can make bots not that don't have to live on the
AppEngine server... so that could be interesting/fun :wink:


This has good potential to bridge the divide between the #hive13 IRC
channel and the mailing list. Some decent discussion and planning
occurs on IRC and then typically isn't seen elsewhere unless someone
puts it on the mailing list, and I think we'd benefit if much of this
could move to Wave... perhaps an IRC bot that informs the channel of
activity on certain threads is in order?

I would either like us to write our own bot, or find a bot that is easily extensible that we can modify. I can think of tons of uses for a good IRC bot (Scrolling alerts on the ProLite, creating a searchable database of messages, automatic twitter // blog alerts in the chat room, emailing out a summary to the mailing list, etc. etc.)

It just requires time, which I am short on at the moment.

I have written a few irc bots and they are fairly easy to whip together, but I don’t know about interfacing it with Wave or anything like that. I’m willing to help make the bot though.


Sounds like a great collaboration project. I’d like to learn about extending Google Wave and can lend some coding assistance to this project.


@Jon Neal, what language do you typically use for the IRC bots, or has it been varied? What language would you recommend we use? Also, is there a framework that you would recommend we use to get started, or do you write everything from scratch?

I wrote one in Perl once and it was quite simple. There are several
IRC bots and frameworks coded in Ruby, which is a pretty cool
language. Eh, object-oriented everything and doesn't afraid of

Well, what I had in mind was more just trying to convince people on
IRC to take project-related dialogue and put it in a Wave instead,
because that likely puts it into a form that is more persistent and
flexible, as well as more accessible to many people, particularly
those who wouldn't ever bother with IRC but follow the mailing list
Maybe the amount of extra effort for this negates the benefits for
most people. I don't know, but it's worth a try.
IRC is great for linear, mostly non-persistent, real-time discussion,
but inherently an unsuitable medium for trying to distill into
something to go onto a medium like a mailing list, and that's going to
place limitations on the capabilities of any bot. The paradigms are
simply too different for much sensible conversion between the two.
(Even so, though, searchable logs might be worth having online. And I
liked when we had one of the PCs at the Hive set to beep whenever
anyone addressed it on IRC in order to get the attention of people
currently at the Hive.)

The bot I mentioned, I meant more to go in the opposite direction,
i.e. drawing attention on IRC to activity on our mailing list and
Google Wave... channel/server/domain/thingy.

I’ve done irc bots in a few languages. Mostly in python since there are a few frameworks out there. I have also done one or two in php (yeah, I know). If a language has sockets, then it can be used to make an irc bot.

Hodapp, I see what you mean now. This project would more be on the wave/mailing list side than on the irc side. Would it just alert the irc channel every time there was a new mailing list thread and a new topic on wave or what? I suppose if you want this to be done we should start laying out how exactly everything should fit together.


We should also make it so it can run on Hodapp's desktop, which is an
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