[CHP] Hive13 reprint shirts - $135 for 20 shirts - opinions please.

Hey guys, I just got this estimate from Ali to reprint some more
Hive13 shirts. 5 Large, 10 XL and 5 XXL for $135. No tax included but
I'm not sure we've got a tax-exempt ID and I'm also not sure on how to
get this approved to pay out of our funds. Craig, what say you?

HiveTees2.pdf (32.1 KB)

We filed our paperwork for 501(c)3 but it has not been approved yet.
We have some money and could potentially buy the shirts but we would
need to vote on it (I can't make the decision by myself :slight_smile:

Any chance we can take orders on shirts? Or is the goal to have some
to give/sell out to others?

Very cool.

I'm game to buy one. Is it a basic silk print of our logo, or are we
getting a little creative and putting some depth to it? Does this
cost include the silk screen setup?


I will add it to the agenda tonight, but to approve the funds we need at least 50% of the membership to show up and vote (according to the bylaws as they currently stand)

I cannot make it there tonight, but consider me a yes vote in absentia.


Yes, the cost includes re-using the screens that Ali stored for us
last time. They'll be just like the round #1 shirt. By the way, the
cost is $135, and at $10 a piece, the profit is $65 once all 20 are

Hey folks,
What colors/options will you all have available (i.e. black on white
vs. white on black)? I'll hopefully be able to stop by within the next
couple of weeks.

Also, if interested, I'm not apposed to giving you all a demo covering
the basics of screen printing. I've yet to connect with midwest
suppliers, but I'm pretty sure you could cut your costs in half. Plus
it's a rather simple and enjoyable process. I used to print same color
designs for myself (i.e. blue ink on blue shirts).


I visited once after the glass blow.
I had an afro.

This would be really cool! I know that there were some here who have done some screen printing, I haven’t, but I would love to learn some.

I imagine we would have to talk about color options, eh? But I would love some Black/White and Red/Yellow combinations.


I think we also have some screen printing equipment against the wall
in the dirty room (though I know very little about how it works....)

I have one of these kits that has red, black, and yellow ink in it:

I'm a bit embarassed to admit that it's almost a year old and I
haven't actually used it yet. I just went to a screen-printing class
once and thought it was awesome. I also have transparency paper that
can be used in our laserjet printer to create the designs to transfer
onto the screen. So anything you can print onto an 8.5x11 sheet
should work. I just have one screen. The hackerspace has possession
of some larger screens, but I'm not sure if all of them are usable or
what their status is.

The only thing that made me a tad leery of doing printing at the space
was not having a nice big sink to wash the screens but I guess we can
find a way to deal with that.

If people want to experiment with it, count me in. This coming Sunday
or Monday might work. Um, maybe next Thursday night would work. Let
me know!


i would love to do some screen printing, the sooner the better :slight_smile:

I’m in!

I am familiar with the screening process but have no clue how the screens are made… It would also be useful to find a source for quality materials.

This would be a fun DIY class.


My vote is for Monday. What will we need to bring?

I’m in!

I am familiar with the screening process but have no clue how the screens are made… It would also be useful to find a source for quality materials.

This would be a fun DIY class.


The NY Times today has an article about cameras carried aloft on weather balloons:


Thurman Wenzl

— On Wed, 5/26/10, Craig agent.craig@gmail.com wrote

A seller on Amazon has one of the cameras mentioned in the article, used and in good condition, for $70. (Full price is almost $400). Has anyone used the CHDK before? http://chdk.wikia.com/wiki/CHDK


CHDK is something I just started using in the last few weeks, but it is pretty easy. And there are lot’s of CHDK compatible cameras available on eBay. I have two now, but I need to trade or sell one of them. I have a A530 and an A590 both running CHDK.


There are a few different ways to make the screens, but the method I
was going to go for is Photo Emulsion. Here are the instructions I
was planning on following:

I have everything needed to do that part except, as I mentioned, a
larger sink and also some sort of hose and sprayer attachment to rinse
the screens. Also, making the screens consumes a bit of time, so if
we're going to do this maybe we should make the screens in advance.

The only thing people would need to bring would be shirts or other
things to print onto. I'll bring my kit down to the hive next time
I'm there - which will probably be tomorrow night - and start looking
into making a screen. What are some suggestions of things to print?
I was thinking it would be cool to incorporate a QR code or an AR

I am more than happy to help run workshop on this either Sunday or
Monday, but I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm teaching it. :slight_smile: I
think there may be others with a lot more experience than me.

Also, I just want to put in my vote that I still think it may be a
good idea to get more shirts from Able Projects so we have some we can
sell, etc. - since that was the original topic of this thread...


I have already built an AR glyph for Hive13 and have a .pat file you
can use with ARToolkit to recognize it if you want it :wink: The glyph
looks like a pentagon with a 13 in it.

Glyph included...

hive13-patt.pdf (3.47 KB)

how about this:

bonus points for adding a crack to the bell :slight_smile:

At the last meeting T-shirts were approved. However we took a poll to
see who at the meeting would buy a shirt as soon as they came in and
it was over the original quote. So I say we get what we know will
sell immediately to the group plus some for the upcoming party.

Here are the numbers/sizes for the members:

7 Mediums
5 Large
2 XL

Starbuck, let's throw in 10 more shirts (You pick the sizes) for us to
sell at the upcoming party and get a new quote.