[CHP] Hive13 GApps

I’ve setup some initial stuff using our domain and google apps. I have not enabled the email capabilities. Mainly because I don’t see a need for it. I can however forward email from @hive13.org to your other account. Some sites I have enabled so far:

www.hive13.org (general wiki like site)
sites.hive13.org (where members go to edit the general wiki like site)
cal.hive13.org (calendar events)
docs.hive13.org (google docs for hive13)

These sites will work on most mobile phones and there are addons to have the information synced with outlook etc. The chat is also in progress of being setup so it will be possible to have a hive13 account and use gchat (jabber) with. Currently we can create 50 accounts each with 7 gigs of storage.

I will be creating groups for different roles soon. So, in the meantime send me an email and what you would like to help out with (website, calendar, documentations or just simply email forwarding)

We will also need logos to replace the gmail/google cal ones. Also if anybody considers themselves a web design like person feel free to make a custom theme :slight_smile:


This is awesome, thanks Craig!

For those of you who haven’t visited, hit the main wiki-like site, there are signup instructions.

i can work on logo designs… i did this for a site idea i was working on a few years ago…