[CHP] Google App Engine experience

Anyone have any experience with Google App Engine? There is a project
here at my offices that I would like to put in the cloud and Google
App Engine looks like a good candidate. The only thing in my research
that I have found that it lacks for our needs is dedicated SSL
support. (all SSL support appears to have to go through

I was hoping to pick someone's brain that has done a deployment to see
if there's anything else I am overlooking that might make this a less
than desirable solution.



I have done limited development with AppEngine and nothing
specifically for SSL. Mainly just the Zombie-Run game and a Wave
Robot. It has been a while since I looked at it but I can try to dig
up the code I used before.

The Wave Robot I did had to live on appspot as well. I thought they
just announced at the Google IO that this will no longer be a