[CHP] Geek Party this Friday

Attentional all Hivers and Mailing list Lurkers:

This Friday's drink night is quickly becoming a full fledged geek
party! On top of the usually good times to be had on Fridays we are
adding a quick, easy fun project... for the bathroom. Don't worry
it's not as bad as you think.

Based on some tests we did last night on the bathroom's block window
we decided to get a Rainbowduino (http://tinyurl.com/l79s28) to have a
fully functional controlled 7x8 LED block window matrix :smiley: (Blog:

The Rainbowduino has been ordered and will be here by Friday. We have
a lot of colored LEDs but we may need some more. Like always BYOB but
this time throw in some of your extra ultra bright LED lights!

Hope to see everybody there!


Its not a highschool board for the toilet? damn...

Craig wrote:

Is anyone into Python tonight? I feel cruddy and am thinking I'm gonna skip out....

i’ll be here along with some others for other things if you feel a burst of inspiration.

I will be here.

I'll be there... and wouldn't mind learning some Python. Were you the
one teaching it?

I'm pretty sure the Python class is every Wednesday night at 7.

Ah, ok. So... yeah. Never mind then. I got confused somehow.