[CHP] Free large chalk boards

One of the locals who attended the LAN party last month contacted me
and said he had 2 rather large (10'?) green slate chalk boards that we
are welcome to use if we want to pick them up. They're in Mt Airy,
just a few miles from the space, but obviously we would need someone
with a truck to pick them up. Is there any interest in these?


We had been talking about getting some large whiteboards for the hackerspace, but since that has not happened yet I think a couple large chalkboards could be very nice.

We could either mount them on the wall or maybe look into making a rolling stand for them. We have the tools to make something like that now.

Does anyone want to volunteer a time when we can go pick these up?

I can help you pick them up, a weekend would work best for me, or any time after 4:30 pm M-F, just let me know the time.

Are we going to need a truck?

  • Paul

Yes, a truck will be needed. A pickup should suffice, though.

I was only asking because I do not have a truck, so if someone else can provide a truck then it sounds like you are needed.

I haven’t gotten to participate much but can volunteer a truck.

So now we need a DateTime, when are you (Josh) available with said truck?

I suppose the quesiton should also include, when is the Chalkboard available for pickup?

Evenings and weekends work.

I will bring this up @ the meeting tonight and reply to this thread once we get a better time estimate (unless we figure something else out before then)