[CHP] Equipment drop off

At the next meeting I would like to have a discussion about equipment
drop off. I'm going through all my equipment and I'm getting ready to
donate just about everything. I can bring stuff to the hive as well.
Some stuff is borderline but I think in general we should have some
cut offs for non unique stuff. Of the unique items I am unsure about:

* Canon Multipass C755 Printer/Fax/Copier/Scanner
* Sun Sparc station 20 (pizzabox)
* Rather large Sun monitor
* A few dump terminals

I also have lots of tower and desktop units such as dual pentium pro's
etc. I think we should make a hardware cutoff for standard stuff.
Such as no more equipment below X speed. Maybe even a rule that it
should be functioning. This we should discuss.

I also have some crappier things such as old fans, VCRs etc. I don't
mind desoldering the good parts off of those if somebody would be
willing to make of list of what 'good' parts are.

I already have places to donate if the Hive doesn't want them but the
Hive gets first pick.