[CHP] Electronics class?

I talked to Jim and several other people, and there seemed to be an
interest in an electronics class. It would start at 6:30, starting Dec
15th, and I have enough for at least 3 classes. The first one or so
would be basic electronics - ohms law, power, resistors, capacitors,
diodes, etc. The next ones would go over Eagle, and then I'd have a
soldering workshop. Is there enough interest in doing this? I could
even do kits or something for the soldering class, if people wanted to
kick in a tuition to pay for the kits.

I think kits would be ideal. I taught my nephew how to solder with a
$10 Bliplace kit (http://hackaday.com/2009/08/27/bliplace-led-toy/)
Nice to have some toy or something to build and take home at the end
of class.

Is this date & time solid?
How many classes / days?
Open to the public? If so, I’d like to promote it.
Cost? (If not Bring Your Own Kit? or maybe just enough to cover the kits?)

This is an awesome idea. I myself would be interested in the Eagle
classes, but I definitely think doing some basic electronics classes
would be a good idea too. I think it would be good to open it up to
the public for a small fee. It might bring in new members and helps
us fulfill our mission of education.


i would be very interested.

The idea of opening up the class to the public for a small fee sounds
great. Some of the fee can go to the hive, and some to the
instructor. I think a kit should be agreed upon before the class
starts, then each person buys and brings his/her own kit. This
prevents too many kits from being purchased by the instructor in the
event that a well-intentioned attendee can't make the class. Move
quickly, though, as it is holiday season and package delivery takes
longer during this time of year.

On a personal note, I would attend the class but am not available on
Tuesdays. Is it possible to move the class to either Monday or

I can teach the class on Tuesday or Thursday, as I have stuff going on on Mon & Wed.

No worries. I hope the class goes well :]

Hey Starbuck, is that soldering class something you’d like to coordinate / promote along with ours?


Hey remember that Corporate hackerspace in Seattle called
Metrix:Create? Well they just released a timelapse video of the
bliplace kit being assembled. Might be useful for the class if we use
them. If nothing else it's fun watch :slight_smile: