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I have a Stellaris EvalBot an Avnet field rep gave me. I was about to list it on eBay but I thought I would see if anyone on here is interested first. I also have the Samtec connectors for the two headers on top.

While I’m advertising I’ll mention I have an Atmel SAM3U-EK and the Jlink JTAG. I would like to get $150 for the dev kit and $75 for the JTAG but that’s negotiable depending on circumstance. I already listed these on eBay but I could have a buddy bid $10,000 on them and I don’t think they will sell :slight_smile:

I’d let the EvalBot go for $50.

OR… Let me know what you do need and I might have it and probably don’t want it anymore. I spent way too many years buying 10 because I needed 1. I’ve been meaning to make it down to meet you guys one day anyways. This will make a good excuse.