[CHP] Contact with Camp Washington Community Board

FYI all, on the Mintyboost Class blog post, we got the following
comment, replying to one of Dave's comments:

That would be great. I am interested in seeing the processes they use and explore synergies with these companies. (both from Hive13 as well as from my business)

Thanks Jason!


same here. we should organize a field trip :slight_smile:

Yes sounds very interesting. Is the community board something we would consider joining? Or at least a meeting to attend?

I will ask Joe more about the organization when I speak to him.

being able to do something with the community would be great. is
there an outreach program that we can join?

Yeah, this sounds really cool. I'd be down for meeting some of our
neighbors. I'd also be down for going to a community council meeting
some time if you're interested. I looked it up and they meet the
second Monday of the month, so there would be a meeting this coming



Spoke to Joe briefly on the phone today, and he's going to help us get
in touch with some of the local businesses in Camp Washington. No
specific plans yet, but there are a lot of opportunities with the
various small manufacturers and the like so it's going to be a good
connection to have.

So, no real news but keeping everybody in the loop!