[CHP] bread boarding software?

I agree with Login. If you want to simulate circuits, you should look after spice software. I used TIna from TI and LtSPICE. the later is by far the most documented and with the biggest community.


The partsim thingy (which I have not used other than trying a simple sample circuit before sending that link) uses spice as its backend. I don’t know what complexity is lost by exposing it via a web interface.

I am using it for simple circuits nothing to crazy, like making, modify dc power supply outputs and stuff like that

I use LtSpice most of the time these days. Have used MultiSim, tina, electronics workbench, etc. All of the latter use SPICE as backend. If you want to check out LtSpice and see how it would work for you, I can show you the basic functionality. I’d probably start with partsim to see if it does what you want.

I agree with Julien. When you get down to nitty gritty tweaking of a simulated circuit, a full spice app is what you need. With LTSpice IV, I really can’t justify the commercial programs anymore, so I stopped updating those…


Thank you all for the information I am hoping to get some time tonight to play around with them