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Oh wow, glad to hear this. I stopped by yesterday and had no luck finding anyone. (If any of you were at the building, you may have noticed a few art show postcards wedged in the door handle …as my attempts to throw one into the an open window were thwarted by that darn wind resistance thing.)

At any rate, I’d like to drop by and discuss some things with you all if OK. And if so, what time will you be meeting tonight?



Sorry we missed you last night. We found out that not only was our
doorbell misplaced and not plugged in, but it is also broken at the
moment. We'll try to get that fixed asap.

We did get the postcards. I put them out on the kitchen table for
folks to ogle. Next time, if you're trying to get in but can't, give
us a call at 513-591-2929; that's the phone in the office at Hive13.
Or if that doesn't work try my Google phone number at 513-285-2578.

I think on meeting nights we should leave the door cracked while we're
there. Maybe put our phone number on the outside of the door too in
case the door gets closed.