chipped glass in the center of the Ultimaker print bed

There is a chip in the center of the glass build plate on the Ultimaker. For small parts it’s easy to move the print over a little before starting. It looks like a replacement will only cost about $35. That would let us not worry about it and do larger prints if needed without the defect.

Can the glass be flipped over to fix the problem?

If not I found the one below. There were cheap ones on ebay but I would rather spend an extra $10 for something I don’t know how to verify it is legitimate.

If it’s a small chip it can be flipped. Maybe a dab of glue and some kapton tape on that side to keep it from spreading (kapton is in the drawer in electronics area for SMD rework soldering).

Get local glass from a glazier.

I’ve been using annealed glass from local places. Last time at Jack’s glass in Covington it was $10 for 2 custom 150mm round beds for delta (the cnc setup was $20, but for square no fancy machine needed). It works great. Any place that does glass table tops and the like will have good annealed glass that is safe and can handle the heat (which is really not a big deal because heating is slow and even).

I’ve used plain old float glass scrap too – works fine. I don’t recommend that at hive, though, as it breaks more easily if mishandled and makes nasty shards when it does.


I did a test print earlier today and noticed it after the fact. It’s a region approximately half an inch wide and an inch long that seems to be missing a thin portion of glass, although I may want to double check that my memory isn’t exaggerating. Would the glue and tape method still work to keep it intact after flipping, or are its days numbered? (What type of glue specifically would you recommend for the patchwork as well?)

Tim Wagner

The chip is shallow and doesn’t seem likely to spread. Wouldn’t glue cause a mess underneath once the bed heats up?

I believe I have an extra sheet of boron silicate glass for the ultimaker If you would like me to bring it down.

Kevin, if the Hive doesnt need it, let me know, I would be willing to buy it off of you, instead of ordering one from Fbrc8 (the US distributor for Ulitmakers)

I’d say just flip it. Could mark the side that goes up / down. But yes, everything eventually breaks, especially if it’s made of glass. So, it wouldn’t hurt to have a spare.