Cheap LCD monitors anyone?

I decided to upgrade my mancave workstation to dual monitor goodness. Found some deals and thought I’d share with my hive homees.

I picked up two 22" LG W2246 monitors new-in-box from a local craigslist dude for $100 each. They’re 1080P. Seem pretty decent so far. Have mixed but mostly positive reviews from what I can find. DVI+VGA no HDMI

Dude also has 22" Lenovos that are refurb condition, approximately 15-18mo old judging by manufacture date for $75-80 that looked pretty legit. 1640 pixels wide not 1920, but cheap. DVI+VGA no HDMI

20" 19" 17" dirt cheap. He had about 40 monitors of various shapes and sizes when I stopped by.

Definitely a side business as opposed to a store front, but I got a good feeling from him. Took a business check instead of cash. On the East side, Anderson area. ph 5i3 4i8 3881. Dennis.


Awesome thanks! I think I may grab one for my daughters netbook!

I’m interested as well.