Certification Saturdays - an effort to more regularly offer certifications

As you likely have seen, I have been working on fleshing out a full list of our equipment and activities that require certification for our members to make full use of the hive. So far, I have come up with a list of 28 classes we need to be offering semi-regularly in order to provide access to certification required equipment.

My goal is to get these classes placed on our calendar for the next year or two, so that they are always out there as a reminder to ensure we offer certifications to our members. As a “first draft” of this effort, as this email subject suggests, I’d like to propose we start “Certification Saturdays” where either every saturday, or every other saturday we have a different scheduled certification class.

In order to support that, I would like to flesh out the list of classes with a list of who among our membership is able to teach each class. That way, as a class comes near, we can put out the call to see which of our teachers is available. Please, if you are willing and able to teach one of the listed classes, post here letting me know. I’d appreciate you posting even if you currently do not have time to dedicate, as this list is hopefully for long-term use, so that 6 months from now, or next year, we can find a teacher for each class.


Kevin M.
Hot Crafts Warden

I believe there was a thread recently that asked for people who can certify others. I’d at least start with that.

I’m happy to help with the electronics ones also:

  1. Basic Circuits, Multimeter, and intro to XYZ microcontroller
  2. Oscilloscope, and Signal Generator overview
  3. Basics of soldering, desoldering, and proto-board circuit building

Coy - You are correct, I was the one who posted that thread, and I have included those responses in the list.

Brad - Thanks!

I’m a little dubious that the vinyl cutter and the Ultimaker 2 should require certification but I’m happy to provide instruction on their use as well as standing in as an extra laser trainer. Isn’t the idea of certification to instruct members on the safe usage of equipment that could hurt or be hurt by a member?

I will reiterate a couple of things that I have previously suggested:

I think it would be smart and merciful to have a syllabus to run by for these classes to make sure the same points are hit each time as well as to keep them from running 3 hours long. I have been certified on a number of tools and have experienced that the length and, ehem, the verbosity of some of the classes differ wildly from instructor to instructor.

For some of the classes, I think we should make videos of the training so any member can brush up on a topic as well as shortening the actual class time. This would not be used as a substitute for certification, just an opportunity for a member to take some of the class on their own time.


How dare you call my training verbose! I officially uncertify you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dave - Those things do not require certification! However, I included several items on the list that do not require certification but that I have, on multiple occasions, heard new and old members alike state they do not feel comfortable using without training from someone.

Bump for more responses! I’d really like to get a solid list put together so that I can start putting specific classes on the calander with some confidence that we will be able to find a teacher for each one. The goal is to get a full year of classes scheduled out so that members always know there will be a class coming up fo the thing they are interested in.


Here is my first-draft attempt at getting all the classes scheduled on at least one Saturday over the next year. I did my best to avoid holiday weekends, and Saturday cleanup days. Please let me know if you see any issues.

If people think we can manage this schedule, I will put them on the calendar. My thought is that each month, we will look at the calendar for the following month and put out the call for volunteer instructor for whatever is coming up.

If we can manage it, it’d be particularly awesome to create wiki pages for each class as we go that include the syllabus, the knowledge needed to try and self-teach, and (stretch goal) a video of the class.



Kevin M.

I’m good for woodshop Big CNC (# 28, Feb 26).

I’d love to discuss the concept of a syllabus (like what was posted on the wiki?) and verbosity!

John, I’ve got you listed as a Big CNC trainer, thanks!

As a new member, I would like to take most of these classes. Are any of them scheduled? I don’t see them on the schedule but I might be missing something. I love the idea of regularly scheduled sessions.


I’m not sure if anyone solicited teachers for this month’s scheduled classes. I know we had trouble getting volunteers for some in previous months, and so this effort sorta fizzled out…

Perhaps someone more active than I have been in hive stuff recently has a clearer idea of where this stands?


Kevin M.