Certification for MIG welder

Hi Everybody,

Would anybody who is able be willing to certify me on the MIG welder? I can work around anybody’s schedule pretty much any time between now and Tuesday. Also I’ve completed the whole series of youtube videos on the wiki. I appreciate anybody’s help. Thank you.

Mike Nute

What do your nights look like around 7 or later? I can work out a day with you. I just got a new lil lil pup after loosing my dog and i have to try and cordinate for puppy watch. If anyone else that is certified will already be down there this weekend it would help a ton. There are a bunch of great videos unded weld.com under you tube if you hit those up and watching the ones about wire feed speed and gas flow with torch angle are great. Our machine has quick auto settings for thickness that are pretty accurate, on amazon miller/ lincoln/ hobart sells a keychain thickness gauge for stock that is awesome for a few bucks. Its notched internally and alot better than callipers as it will not break :slight_smile:

Friday night would likely work best from what im looking at if no one else will be down this weekend. Lol now the 2 lil mastiff pups are super strong and full of energy and chewing. We are trying to potty train asap lol. We have are hands full litterly :slight_smile:


Hi Kevin,

Thanks so much. I can do just about any night after 7. Its especially easy after 8:00-8:30 because then I can help with bedtime before leaving. Should we plan on Friday? Let me know what time (or other day, if another would be better) works best for you and I’ll plan on that. Thanks Kevin!

By the way, I’m sorry to hear about your other dog. The new guys are adorable though.


I’ll be down at the space between 6P and 10P Friday evening, coincidentally working on a welding project.

  • Ry

Do you mind showing ham Ryan, it would help me out a ton.

I can go more in depth with you on mig in a Week or 2 if Ryan is able to show you the basics with the dials.

Yeah, I’m happy to help. Hopefully that was the obvious implication. I certainly didn’t mean “I’m welding so GTFO”. :smiley:

  • Ry

Thanks Ryan! I will try to get down there by 8:30. Is that too late? I can come earlier if it would be better.


Later is fine. I’ll be there until the 10:30 noise curfew shuts me down.

  • Ry

Thank ya ry, potty training is challenging lol.

Those are some adorable pups!!! Sorry to hear about the loss of your other dog :frowning: