cat5 cable ends and acc.

If anyone has any extra cat5 cable ends I am in need of those and wall plates as well. My materials will consist of having to run from one room with router out to 4 rooms in the house. I have recently switched from time warner to fioptics and with the wife wanting to stream netflix/amazon prime to her stuff and myself running the xbox it seems that he wireless is generating a bit more lag than when running wired. Plus I am just a huge fan of running a wired connection due to having to screw with settings with a lot of devices o get the router to work properly with them lol. I am trying to find my crimping tool tonight and if I had any ends left from back in school. If there happens to be some to use down at the hive and any materials there that I need I will gladly pay to replace or order replacements myself.

i know we have left quite a few cat5 cables in the box of them, so i would imagine there are some there! :slight_smile:

if not, wiring outlet boxes for data isn’t hard, the outlets even come with a little plastic punchdown tool…you can have multiples outlets in each box and thus able to have more than one wired device in each room

i got down to the hive and ryan helped me find some cable and stuff I needed to order off the net. Thanks a ton guys!