Carbon fiber round and rectangular rod

There is a local archery shop that are extremely good people that I know. I ended up finding out that the pieces from arrows that need to be cot to length, the leftovers the are mainly throwing out. Also arrows that get a small chip will be piched by guys shooting in the league so a good 24 to 29 inch section is salvageable from extremely strong. The other benefit is it is accurate on being straight to .003 which would make it awesome to replace, upgrade, or scratch build pieces for the 3d printers or cnc stuff. I was even going to buy some ink pen/ mechanical pencil inserts to make some slick writing sticks. I will have the threaded insert aluminum ends for screwing in linkage.

If I remember right the delta group was looking to use carbon fiber rod. The shop has a professional carbon rod cutting jug as well that can be used for our stuff if needed. I will likely make a linkage set for my delta I need to build still. Shoot me a message if you are looking for stuff in particular length and diameter wise. Strength wise the support the weighted point/broadhead and can handle 340+feet per second, and for use on hotends or even spacers the thermal brake potential is awesome.

Here is some of the scap from just a few days. The longer arrows are still at the shop so I can cut off the nicked end and have much longer pieces.


Any carbon fiber tubing could be useful. I keep my ends and bits on hand at home for all sorts of things. The lengths may not be long enough for the hive deltas. Don’t know… lengths between 22-32cm should be usable for that.

Otherwise, just having some small tube CF for other hive projects might be nice. I could use more for my own stuff.

Speaking of the delta project, it is still going. Dave Velsy and I made up a pretty innovative design and have ordered a lot of parts and done some test fits. We put it on hold to get the laser back on line. We’ll get back at it soon enough.

I can get longer pieces, some of the arrows will develop a chip in the end of rod and guys pitch them. So I can end up with 22 to 28 inch long pieces. Luckily alot of people shoot the same brand and diameters here so I will start a stockpile :slight_smile: