Car ac

Hey all, anyone have one of the adapters to fill a car AC?

I have the whole gauge set, tank, and everything…are you just topping it off or did you change something out

Idk. Think AC leaked over winter. Have r134a

Will you guys be at the 2pm sharonville chemistry event or at the hive this weekend.

It’s generally a good idea to pull vacuum on the system and/or inject dye so you can figure out WHERE it leaked or it will just keep happening repeatedly.

True. However I did that last summer, couldn’t find a leak anywhere. It leaked out again. So I took it into a shop and had them check for leaks. They couldn’t find one either. So they filled it up and it was fine the rest of summer. Then it leaked out again over winter. I’m wondering if it could be contraction and expansion of an oring or seal?

Whatever it is, at this point, I’m not paying another shop to try and figure out where the leak is, only to have them not find one but charge me labor. I would rather just fill it up with r134a. It’s getting wayy to hot to be driving around without AC.


Fair enough. When they don’t find leaks, they’re most often inside the cabin. Evaporator core cracks, etc.

Hey all. Got it all taken care of. Thanks all!