Canon Powershot A590 for sale

Okay, I realize this isn't Craigslist, but I figured that people on
this mailing list were more likely customers, and I'd rather offer it
here first since we've had some people who like to play around with
CHDK and it's a convenient excuse to show up at a meeting.

Anyhow, I am selling my Canon Powershot A590 (looking up specs is left
as an exercise to the reader). I originally bought it to put CHDK on
it and do a couple weird low-level hacks, but they ended up being kind
of impossible. The camera works just fine, and CHDK works well on it;
I'll throw in two 52 mm adapter tubes (since I've no use for them
without the camera). I'm selling it since I'd rather get something

And I guess I may as well post some pictures I've taken with it, to
prove it's not a piece of crap:

I'm asking $70 for it. No takers here, and I'll probably put it on
Craigslist or something.

-Chris Hodapp