Can someone get Pizza for the Oct 16 meeting?

I have a conflict this evening, October 16, and will be unable to attend the meeting.

If anyone can cover by picking up the pizza, I’d appreciate the assistance. I can order it remotely if necessary, but delivery to Hive13 is somewhat unreliable.

  • Ry

I can go get it, just need location and order info.

I’ve been ordering from the larosas at 9th st lately, or the papa John’s in Norwood when I’m coming from work. Through the power of the internet I can certainly target another location though. Which is convenient for you?

  • Ry

I’m coming from the 45206 zip code, so probably something in Clifton between me and Hive13 makes sense. An old school Bearcat pizza?

A bitnof nostalgia never hurts. Do you want me to order, or just comp you later? I should be there tonight… just 30 to 60 minutes late.

  • Ry

go ahead and order and give me details, that would be great thanks

Man, I miss the bearcat! (In Detroit for NXP training)