Call for help on 3D Printer from a Mom in Ky - Anyone able to help?

Yesterday we got a call for help with a 3D printer

If you can help we can connect you with her - just didn’t want to post email and phone on this public list.

Mon, Sep 7, 6:48 PM (15 hours ago)

I’m pretty sure this doesn’t fall under your mission but I’m running out of ideas so I’m reaching out to see if I can get a direction to go in even if you can’t directly help.

My son and I (he’s a high school student I have no experience at all) got a 3D printer, Creality 10s. We have had z axis issues since the beginning him and his dad put on a BLtouch and it didn’t fix the issue. I’m now trying to find someone that can show us how to fix this issue before the nozzle apparatus gets broken from slamming into the bed.

I’m happy to pay for someone’s time and expertise. I can load it into my car or will pay for travel here (independence,ky) The plan was to get help once school started but with school remote for the time being that won’t be happening. Thank you for your time,
Andrea Holland