Calendars for CNC and Big Laser

As our membership numbers have increased, and more people are getting certified on the laser and CNC machines, we have started to see an availability issue develop.We are going to setup some kind of calendar to help people work together on these bigger pieces of equipment that can have long jobs. We will share this system when it is ready.

In the meantime I’d like to reiterate the current system, which is that you post on the mailing list and Slack that you would like to use the laser, or CNC, for an extended period of time. Like; “I’m planning to use the Big laser Wednesday evening from 6-9”. I would say that anything over an hour should be posted. This helps prevent someone driving down to the Hive and finding someone setup for a long job. If you finish early, post that also. Conflicts will arise, and we will figure out a system to work through them.

I’d also like to restate that we are not setup for production work and no one should expect the equipment to be available all the time. If you would lose big money because the laser is down (or unavailable) you should think about getting your own. The Manufactory is place I would send you for that kind of work.

We would like to make this seamless and quick, but we are a volunteer army and have limited bandwidth to get things done. Be patient and feel free to ask questions or provide suggestions to make the Hive better. :slight_smile: